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Abbi-Jean Reid

Abbi-Jean Reid

We have some very sad news.

Just before Christmas Abbi-Jean Reid became ill and after some time in hospital she died.

Abbi was our first author outside of the family and she wrote the beautiful and funny story Ready for an Adventure.

We met in south London and hit it off straight away. Abbi offered her services to Parakeet Books because she was passionate about equal representation in children’s books and she wanted some experience in publishing while she studied for her Masters. We suggested she try writing a book, for fun and as a publishing exercise. That book was do good we published it.

At the launch of Ready for an Adventure Abbi took public speaking to a large noisy crowd in her stride. She gave a lovely speech off the cuff, signed books and posed for photos like a pro.

Then Abbi came back to our house for a celebration lunch where she actually ended up playing with our kids, who thought she was amazing, all afternoon.

Abbi was funny and lovely. Abbi worked hard and seemed to have such a good sense of perspective on the world. It was wonderful working with her and it was wonderful knowing her.

We’re glad we knew Abbi and so sad this has happened and so sad for her family.

For every copy of Ready for an Adventure sold in February we will donate one to a school in Abbi’s memory.

By Judy Skidmore

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