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Big hair, don't care

Big hair, don't care

I’ve got big hair. It’s curly and black. And big. People say, “Are you Richard Ayoade?” They say, “WOW, can I touch it?” Once someone said, “This is a big client meeting, do you think you should cut your hair?”

Er… no, no and thrice no.

I take it all in good humour (most of the time) because at the end of the day no one is seriously going to stop me from having my hair like this. Maybe that’s because I am a man. Maybe it’s because racism towards to Indian people is less overt than it is to Black people. I don’t know, but the stories coming out all the time now from Black women about how they’ve been told to change their hair, “make it neat” rings true with me.

And it is not on.

We fully support the Halo Code because people wearing their hair as they want shouldn’t be an issue.

By Sheju Adiiyatiparambil John

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