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So who are our new authors?

So who are our new authors?

Left to right: Victoria Blain, Arti Jain, Tanmay Acharya

We’re launching two new amazing books here, please have a look and share our campaign to anyone who loves gorgeous, unique books.

Victoria Blain is a Gambian American textile artist, author and teacher, living in Kingston NY with her family. She has written and illustrated two children’s books. She enjoys reading picture books, historical fiction and drinking lots of tea. Victoria is greatly influenced by her Wolof heritage and believes inspiration can be found in ordinary things.

Arti Jain is a poet, blogger and author. She lives in Doha, Qatar, with her husband and half a dozen neem trees. Arti writes and performs poetry in English and Hindi.

Tanmay Acharya is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Bangalore. His work is inspired by printmaking techniques and is informed by his daytime design practice.

We’ll be sharing blog posts from our new authors soon, so you’ll be able to get to know them better.

Parakeet Books, run by Sheju Adiyatiparambil-John and Judy Skidmore, are a young micro publisher determined to bring fantastic children’s books to the world. Have look at our other books or follow us on social media.

Parakeet Books are proud and grateful to have had their books read by Nigel Clarke and Sid Sloane from Cbeebies AND DJ Cuppy!

What do people say about our other books?

“What we love about Parakeet Books is that they tell a great story, their books are illustrated beautifully and the people in them reflect the diversity of our culture and society. They prove it’s possible to tell funny stories and real stories using a diverse cast of characters.” Lynsey Pollard, Director at Little Box of Books

“The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs have been delighting children and adults for over 160 years. The Mysterious Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace brings the alive for a new generation – and every book bought will help conserve the originals for the future.” Dr Ellinor Michel, Chair of Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

“At first I thought the children hadn’t noticed there were 2 mums in the story. Then, when I finished reading, they asked me to read it again. Then, one of them asked to keep the book in her bed all night. Then, they asked me to read it again tonight. They’d noticed.” Claire Lynch author of Small and lecturer in English at Brunel University

“Came back to find them laughing it up like hyenas at the dinosaurs. We’ve also been enjoying Eve’s New Brother in which both Eve’s parents are casually women. This effortless-seeming diversity is a feature in all the titles.” Alexandra Heminsley, author, speaker, book critic

By Judy Skidmore

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