No Outsiders campaign

No Outsiders

At Parakeet Books we believe education can build bridges. As Ofsted points out, "Children need to know that some people have two mummies or two daddies". It's normal.

We think every school should have a copy of Eve's New Brother so every child can learn about every kind of person, every kind of love, every kind of family.

You can donate a copy of Eve's New Brother and we will send it to a school.

Either nominate the school you wish it to go to or we can choose one for you.

Eve's New Brother


The story

Eve's New Brother deals with the familiar-to-many story of a child meeting their new sibling. This story explores the emotions of Eve as she tries to accept this new small person and the difficulties she faces. The story is nestled among the tangible closeness Eve shares with her mothers. Her parents listen to her fears and encourage her to work around them, be patient and find a way to accept Stanley.

LGBT parents

Eve's parents are two women. The whole idea behind us setting up Parakeet Books was to create inclusive books featuring diverse characters with all genders, ethnicities, and abilities represented. That includes different kinds of families too. The stories are not about the fact that the characters are 'unique' in anyway, but are standard kids adventures that just so happen to feature diverse families.

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