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Katie Myles, CLPE
What works really well in Buddy’s Pancakes is the repetition throughout the story before Buddy suddenly decides he is hungry, so familiar to anyone who has been a parent or worked with children! In Scout’s bedtime, I really enjoyed the way that the pictures revealed what the child was imagining.
Lynsey Pollard, Director at Little Box of Books
What we love about Parakeet Books is that they tell a great story, their books are illustrated beautifully and the people in them reflect the diversity of our culture and society. They prove it’s possible to tell funny stories and real stories using a diverse cast of characters.
Laura Cooke, Primary teacher in a South London School
The children absolutely loved the story of Eve's New Brother. They loved the character of Stanley, they found him so cheeky and funny. It sparked lots of discussions in class and we actually used the text to support a PSHE lesson on big changes in the children's lives. I think a lot of the children could relate to the character of Eve and her mixed feelings towards her new baby brother!
A parent
Eve’s New Brother is a positive and realistic story with the focus on the child's complicated feelings when a new baby comes along. Our son told us (spoiler alert) he liked how Eve starts out cross and then ends up happy with her new brother. Particularly beautiful pictures in this one, too - loads of warmth and love.
Josie Blake-Goodwin, Primary teacher in a South London School
A massive thank you to Judy for an excellent, inspiring session at our school for World Book Day! The children absolutely love her rhythmic stories about the dinosaurs of Crystal Palace and it's so great to see the diversity of our children represented in the books they read.
Dr Ellinor Michel, Chair of Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs
The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs have been delighting children and adults for over 160 years. The Mysterious Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace brings them alive for a new generation - and every book bought will help conserve the originals for the future.
Claire Lynch author and lecturer in English at Brunel University London
At first I thought the children hadn’t noticed there were 2 mums in the story. Then, when I finished reading, they asked me to read it again. Then, one of them asked to keep the book in her bed all night. Then, they asked me to read it again tonight. They’d noticed.
Alexandra Heminsley, author, speaker, book critic
Came back to find them laughing it up like hyenas at the dinosaurs. We’ve also been enjoying Eve’s New Brother in which both Eve’s parents are casually women. This effortless-seeming diversity is a feature in all the titles.
Jess, a parent
WOW, The Mysterious Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace is so substantial, such a gorgeous story and those illustrations are stunning!
Ella M H, a parent
The CP dinosaur book is excellent, both my children can read the different parts and the inclusive ethos is excellent too.

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